functional medicine allergies

Unveiling Food Sensitivities: Functional Medicine’s Approach to Allergies

As the new year rolls over, it gifts us the season of spring, the season of warmth, beauty and new beginnings. But, for a large proportion of people, spring is not just warm weather and blooming flowers; rather, it is a season of stuffy noses, itchy eyes, and hay fever. The spring season often symbolizes … Read more

Functional Medicine: Stress, Sleep, Serotonin Support

Stress, Sleep, and Serotonin: How Functional Medicine Supports Mental Wellness

In our fast-paced world, mental health issues such as stress and sleep disorders are common, and the search for holistic healing methods is growing. One such approach is functional medicine for mental health. At Ayuh Wellness Center, we blend the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the modern scientific approach of functional medicine to provide a … Read more

stress and autoimmune disease

The Mysterious Connection: Stress and Autoimmune Disease

The unpleasant burden of stress is frequently transported by the frenetic pace of modern life. We’ve all experienced it as adults: the racing heart, the restless nights, and the persistent anxiety. However, underneath these well-known feelings is a more intricate connection between stress and health, particularly its part in autoimmune diseases. The Body’s Guardians Gone … Read more

Benefit of sunlight, functional medicine center atlanta

Sunlight: A Powerful Complement to Health

Is getting the right amount of sunlight essential for health? Yes, it is Sunlight is essential for human physical well-being and mental health. Exposing your body to the optimal duration of sunlight has proven to be a natural mood booster and results in many health benefits. Studies have shown many advantages to enjoying the sun. … Read more

Functional medicine center Atlanta treatment for acne

Functional Medicine Approach to Acne

There is nothing more worrisome about beauty problems for teenagers and youngsters than acne. If not treated at the right time with the right approach, it can worsen, resulting in acne scars/marks that will remain on the face for a long time, affecting our self-confidence. Do you know that acne, an inflammatory skin condition, is … Read more

leaky gut

The Root Cause of a Leaky Gut

The Healthy Gut Your stomach has a surface area that is 200 times greater than your skin. Similar to how your skin forms a barrier to the outside world, your gut forms a barrier inside your body. It works as a filter by determining what substances should be passed from the digestive tract into the … Read more

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep for a Healthy Life

The importance of sleep and its impact on our body is often overlooked. According to recent studies, the number of persons experiencing insomnia has increased over the last decade. Often, a few little alterations are all that are required to have a decent night’s sleep. The hormone and metabolic reactions that keep us healthy and … Read more

turmeric in functional medicine

How Much Do We Know About Turmeric in Functional Medicine

What is Turmeric? Turmeric is a popular spice obtained from the root of the Curcuma longa plant. Curcumin is a turmeric substance that may help minimise oedema/inflammation. Turmeric is widely used in curry powders, mustards, and other culinary components to flavor or color them. Alternative therapies make use of turmeric root in a variety of … Read more

Super foods should eat in 2022

The 7 Superfoods You Should Eat in 2022

The phrase “superfood” refers to a recent trend that has acquired a lot of traction in recent years. It makes us wonder what a superfood is. Why has it recently appeared on our newsfeed? What had we been missing all these years in terms of living a healthy lifestyle? These are all the possible questions … Read more

Autoimmune disease

Functional Medicine Approach to Thyroid Diseases

In human metabolism, the thyroid system plays a vital role. The thyroid hormone is one of the three key hormones that regulate your metabolism and body weight, alongside insulin and cortisol. There are cases where people who have been struggling with weight gain, mood swings, fatigue, cold sensitivity, and other symptoms for decades realize a tad too … Read more