8 Secrets to Great Health and Longevity


As the saying goes, “Age is just a number”. It is not about how long a person lives, but the quality of life they lead is what matters. Various factors can influence life expectancy and the most prominent one among them is the healthy habits of a person. At the Center for Functional Medicine, we view each ailment from different angles to find out the root cause of a disease. We based it on the understanding that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to health issues.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is based on a patient-centered approach by providing individualized treatment after analyzing the person’s lifestyle and environment along with diagnosis results and understanding the signs and symptoms exhibited by the patient. As we know, a health condition and its diagnosis may result from more than one cause. A person’s health condition is a culmination of several influencing factors around them, such as the environment they live in, their lifestyle, and their genes. For any treatment to be effective and provide long-lasting benefits, the correct cause needs to be approached, rather than having the symptoms suppressed.

With the fast-paced and stress-inducing daily lifestyle, the importance of internal medicine has become triple-fold and vital in leading a healthy life. In this medical specialty, the physicians combine clinical expertise and scientific knowledge in the diagnosis of a wide range of health conditions and disorders.

How to step up the ladder healthily?

Aging, as they say, is a beautiful process and is something that needs to be enjoyed rather than fretting about. As lifestyle and circumstances are so essential toward healthy aging and longevity, there are a few key secrets in stepping up the ladder of life in an utmost delightful manner. For that to happen, we need to understand when and how to start laying the stones to lead a healthy retirement life.

1. Pay attention to what goes on your plate

Functional Medicine

A healthy diet is a foremost thing that needs to be paid attention to where we should focus on filling the plate with healthy foods such as vegetables, healthy fats, fruits and nuts, whole grains, omega-3. At the same time, limit or avoid the intake of unhealthy foods such as refined carbohydrates, trans fat, red meat, processed foods, sugar, sweetened beverages, sodium, etc. Overeating is another primary concern in the world with fast-food culture, which stands as a barrier to a healthy life.

2. Being Physically Active

Regular exercise has many health benefits. It is not only the best way to improve one’s strength and vigor but has added advantages like it helps manage body weight and keep us fit. A person who includes exercises in their daily routine can notice their balance improve to a fair extent, which means fewer chances of falling and breaking bones.

3. Quit any damaging behaviors

Behaviors like smoking, drinking, and overeating can be seen as abuse to the body that reduces longevity. To achieve the goal of leading a healthy life, try to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and abstain from smoking.

4. Pay importance to mental health

Functional Medicine

The idea of overall health is about having a sound mind and body. Keeping one’s mind healthy is as important as physical well-being that we should not overlook its importance. It is essential to keep your mind engaged. We can achieve that by playing word games, number games, puzzles, reading books, etc. These activities can enhance brain activity and develop mindfulness.

5. Take up something that you have always put aside

Invest your time in finding something that you enjoy, like a forgotten talent, a hobby, or something that was always on your mind but never had a chance to do it. Reignite the passion and plunge into it. Doing what you love helps improve the mood, reduce the probability of stress disorders, and thus positively influence overall wellbeing.

6. Engage with like-minded people

Socializing can help manage stress to a large extent. Being engaged with people helps improve the mood and thus reduces the risk of depression. 

7. Get enough sleep

Functional Medicine

To borrow the words of Sir Benjamin Franklin, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. The importance of getting quality sleep is imperative in assisting the body to heal on its own by governing cell functions. Studies have proven the effect a regular sleeping pattern has on longevity. Hence it is advised to follow a regular sleep cycle by being to bed and waking up around the same time every day.

8. Keep your health in check

As we advance on the age bar, it is essential to have knowledge about one’s own risk factors. Hence it is important to get regular checkups and shape your life according to their advice. In case of any family history of certain diseases, it is ideal to get a screening done as suggested by the doctor to keep the factors in check and if found, it will help prevent it before it gets too late.

Positive changes to one’s life can influence their mental and physical health and induce happiness. Staying positive can help an individual lead a longer and healthier life.